Provision of Drilling Rigs


Drilling Rigs

Uniterm Nigeria Limited is poised to be the preferred provider of drilling rigs and operations in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. We cover all terrains: land, swamp, shallow offshore and deep offshore. We either own rigs or partner with foreign rig manufacturers to offer you drilling rigs. We offer our clients the entire drilling solutions:

  • Drilling Rigs: Uniterm can provide the right rig for the right job at the right time and at reasonable cost either as an owned rig or in partnership with foreign partners.
  • Drilling Operations: The client may choose to own the rig for Uniterm to operate, maintain and manage.
  • Drilling Consultancy: Uniterm can supply its client with competent drilling manpower and other consultancy services required to run a rig

If it's drilling business, then it is Uniterm! Our flexibility in drilling is what distinguishes us.